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Fall Turkey Permit Arrived

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My NJ fall turkey permit arrived today. [up]
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What zone???
Guess I'll have to head to Pequest for a permit....LOL
Well...if I use my bow I can shoot a deer and/or a turkey. If I just use my shotgun... turkey only.
I could be wrong Jim, but I dont think they sell the fall permits over the counter.:(
Yeah they do. They always have extras for turkey zone 7. I picked up one last year at Pequest.
I went fall turkey hunting one year and i will never do it again my father and i saw three grunting bucks(we should of been bowhunting) and i didnt see one bird and we walked for miles.[mad]
Good luck
Got a fall permit only one year and filled it my first morning.I was busy thinking I should be deer hunting instead...A day or 2 later,I did wind up taking a buck!
I went the first year they held it when it was during pheasant season. I missed on in the water gap when my cousin kicked one too me. I fired once and the remaining shells racked out the bottom of my gun and onto the ground.
Browning 10 Gauge - it usually works like this: I bow hunt for deer, but I do not see a freaking hair day... instead I see turkey.

So the next day I grab my shotgun (and turkey called), but I do not see a feather all freaking day... instead I see deer.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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