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Fall Trout Stocking Information

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Commencing this year the fall stocking period has been shortened to a two-week period (the third week of stocking has been eliminated). Surplus trout (averaging 5 to 6 inches) traditionally stocked during the third week of fall stocking, had to be stocked months earlier to free-up growing space in the hatchery raceways, as the hatchery transitions from the production of one-year old trout for this fall, to larger, two-year old trout for the fall and winter of 2006.
No time to fish for trout in the fall, it's time to chase them white-tails.:D
Luv2hunt, until the p [no swearing please] Sunday hunting, I will make it to the trout stream or Stripper fish:)
I may mix it up. I have some property above Ken Lockwood Gorge.
I have some property above Ken Lockwood Gorge.
thats my main spot.
I haven't really hunted it yet. I hunted for about 4 hours once. Cousin got nervous with the houses around. It is about 40 acres. I am hoping to get a doe and then a big buck. I heard they are pretty big around there. I saw a big 8 pointer a few years ago.
Woj, do you hunt the gorge itself? I drove through there a couple times, but didn't think it would be any good because of how steep the gorge is.
yes i hunt the gorge itself. it is steep. it's my main deer hunting spot. where's your property. on top of the gorge?
Yes, if your coming from High Bridge along the river. When you get to the entrance to entrance to the gorge go up the mountain away from the steel bridge. There is a paved area where 3 driveways come together. The property I hunt is the middle driveway. The powerlines run through the middle of the property.
i know it exactly. the funky black house is across the street. that's like 10 minutes from my house. that's below the gorge though. i hunt it about 1.5 miles up river.
By the plaque and railroad tressle?
i hunt by the path going up the gorge and i also hunt on 513. this is already on top of the gorge but the other side of the river.
I didn't know there was a path going up the gorge. sucks to climb. it is steep. if you want to meet up one day i'll show you the area.
I'll probably be there the 1st week of early bow. Thats if I get my new bow from Matty in time. I would like to get a buck in velvet.
i'll never forget the day i brought my brother-in-law there. he almost died he thought. hell i'm out of shape but i do climb the mountains during hunting season. he was
i usually hunt the 513 side now.
Driving a long the river, I have thought of hip boots and crossing the river to hunt the steep slope. Are there a lot of guys that hunt there?
sorta. you don't need the hip boots. if you ever did wear them and try to climb up there you would never make it. it is like almost straight up. there is a way to enter from 513. you are already on top of the mountain on the other side of the river. there's where i live.
Ok, I used to live on Beaver Street off of 513 in High Bridge.
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