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F/S Tri Tronics Field 70 ( single dog)

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Transmitter, collar, 2 antenna, turn on plug, test light, Short & long contact points, charger & carry case.
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Is this the same Mike from the Hunting Chat boards???
Sorry guys I have not check this soon. It was sold the night I put it up for sale. It went for 150. I have another one (70- single) to sell after I get my 2 dog unit back from tri-tronics
Yup, This is the same Mike. Just finally got a Docter sight on my BLR. Getting ready for the first and third weeks in Maine then Ill. Got to find some time to run the dogs in between the trips.
Glad to see ya here Mike!!![up] Good luck in Maine and Ill... Must be nice...I can barely afford to go to PA...LOL!;)
Hope to see you around some more!!![up]
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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