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English Pointer 4 Months Old For Sale

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Sad to say but I can't keep her My Step Son allergies are just to bad. :(. She is an excellant Dog Champion Blood Line awsome colorings and a Nose like you would not believe. Points like a statue. Had all her first shots is Due for her socond round. $600 takes her and the 10X6 kennel and the indoor Kennel. I paid over $1000 for everything, I wish I could keep her but the wife said no his alergies are just to bad. :(
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ill ask around to see if anyone is looking for a dog! all this talk about dogs that have past makes me think about my siberian husky that past away july. :(
Keeping her outside might be a good option....but that will depend on your neighbors! This town can be a pain in the arse! We had a cop knock at our door one morning around two am and tell us to bring our german shepard in, that we couldn't keep him out at night because of the bears. Someone called and said he was barking....he only started barking when the cop got there.

But these are on the code books: :
C.No person owning or having the care, custody or control of any dog or cat shall suffer or permit such dog or cat to: (3)Bark, cry, whine, howl or otherwise disturb the peace or quiet of the neighborhood or sleep of any person for any unreasonable length of time.
D.The habitual barking, howling, whining or crying of a dog or dogs or the howling of a cat or cats in the Borough of Hopatcong is hereby declared to be a disturbing noise, within the meaning of N.J.S.A. 40:48-1, Subsection 8, and a nuisance.

No lions, tigers, bears, primates, crocs or gaters...but if you keep the stalls and coops clean you can have cows, horses, chickens, pheasants and such. Think I'll get Rooster next week and see how the neighbors like that noise! :D
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Keep her outside. Pointers aren't barkers like shepards If barking becomes a problem get her a bark collar. I have had up to 3 **** hounds with pups in outdoor kennels. They never made a sound w/ bark collars. yes, I have yuppie homes all around me. I live in washington township, Long Valley
Good to know they don't bark as much. Shepard was sold after the jerkoff that worked aninal control here at the time keep harrassing me over the dog.

Like sitting in the middle of the road one time blocking the snow plow truck was a big deal or something! :p (kids let him out, oopps!)
I been breeding dogs for years. Being a breeder I would take the dog back because of your son's allergies. Contact your breeder they will most likely let you return or find a buyer for the dog to help you. as a last resort &you must get him out of the house now. I have a empty run in my heated dog barn. I'll hold him short term.
I am going to put her outside as soon as I get the cement platform for the kennel done. I am going to back the kennel up to the wood shed and then cut a hole in the side of the shed. From there I am going to build a insulated box for the dog with an insulated top I can flip up for cleaning. I am also going to put a doggie door on it so wind will not go in. I wish I could find someone to take her so she does not have to stay outside. Are pointers good being outside> I had a GSP and she was the best house dog I know she would have hated being kept outside.
Hey hkdon,I know that you would lose money but maybe if you could give the dog away or drop the price someone could take her. Just a thought
Six hundred For the dog and kennel is low. Try to find an English pointer in NJ and you are going to pay around $2000 for the same blood line. She is champion Elhew Bred. She came in from Texas I paid well over Six hundred just for the pup. I was throwing in a 10X6 outdoor Kennel and a Indoor Kennel as well. She is a bird dog and a half. $600 is a steal for this dog.
Plus she is still a pup.! In the best training stages not an adult yet.
ok ok...sorry..just a suggestion...didn't know the details
It's okay Not a problem. I hate having to do this as it is. She is a good dog. I can't believe I am posting on a Hunting site and I can not find a buyer for a dog of her type and Breed background? Man Lets try this one 6 year old boy with Dog allergies for sale $800 and the next 12 years of support and then college fee's. Maybe that will make the dog look better at $600.00 :)
Your price is more than fair. But I still think you need to keep her outside as I said previously. My 2 Drahthaars would make great inside dogs too but live outside and visit inside. They are perfectly content outside and it hasn't hurt their hunting any.
This way you can still enjoy the heck out of her.
If you are putting the dog box inside the shed only insulate the outside wall & the floor. Otherwise it will hold the moisture from the dog & make him colder. Air tight is not what you want.

Deerseason Widow
I breed plott hounds.
Thanks Bob for the helpful information.
I have that type of set up. A 14 X 18 shed with concrete kennels on the end & boxes inside. The inside dog boxes open on top to feed & change bedding. Sliding doors so I can let them out from inside. In the summer I put wire grate in so they stay cooler. When it gets real cold. I close the outdoor opening with a sliding door & turn the heat on inside. It works great for pups in the winter.
Where are you located at?
I live in Bridgewater and am really interested in purchasing your pup.
Email me at [email protected], and give me the details
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