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English Pointer 4 Months Old For Sale

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Sad to say but I can't keep her My Step Son allergies are just to bad. :(. She is an excellant Dog Champion Blood Line awsome colorings and a Nose like you would not believe. Points like a statue. Had all her first shots is Due for her socond round. $600 takes her and the 10X6 kennel and the indoor Kennel. I paid over $1000 for everything, I wish I could keep her but the wife said no his alergies are just to bad. :(
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I've got 2 Drahthaars that live exclusively outside. As long as you give them the proper housing, kennel with roof, flooring or pad etc, there is nothing wrong with leaving them out. It beats getting rid of the dog and losing all that fun out in the field chasing Mr Ringneck.
Put a bark collar on him. That always worked on the dogs. :D:D

Really though, I would consider the outside route. Mine are happy out there as long as I pay attention to them. They each have a 2 room house on the outside of the kennel with 4" of insulation in the walls and roof. They stay toasty. If it gets a little colder than normal I throw some extra shavings in the bottom. You can always use a light bulb for heat too.

Just some thoughts.
Your price is more than fair. But I still think you need to keep her outside as I said previously. My 2 Drahthaars would make great inside dogs too but live outside and visit inside. They are perfectly content outside and it hasn't hurt their hunting any.
This way you can still enjoy the heck out of her.
1 - 3 of 37 Posts
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