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English Pointer 4 Months Old For Sale

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Sad to say but I can't keep her My Step Son allergies are just to bad. :(. She is an excellant Dog Champion Blood Line awsome colorings and a Nose like you would not believe. Points like a statue. Had all her first shots is Due for her socond round. $600 takes her and the 10X6 kennel and the indoor Kennel. I paid over $1000 for everything, I wish I could keep her but the wife said no his alergies are just to bad. :(
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Mike, If you know anyone that wants a dog let me know
They don't shed bad, Very little they do shed but not like a Golden retriever. I don't know how to explain but it is not bad at all.
Yea like a vizsla.
She has grown since then I just don't have any new pics yet. I got her in end of July Begining of August 8 weeks old. She will be a great hunting dog.
she came from yellowrosekennel out in Texas had her shipped here. She is about 20lbs now I think. Very good disposition.

Yellow rose Dan
Dads pedigree

Yellow Rose Sweetie
Moms Pedigree
Elhew Fat Boy
Mr. Elhew Bullfrog
Elhew Damascus

Cliff's Elhew Skeeter

Elhew Dancing Doll
Elhew Mr. McGoo

Elhew Ecstasy

Dan's Elhew Skeeter
Elhew Sooner Dan
Ch. Elhew Strike

Elhew Kiwi

Cliff's Elhew Skeeter
Ch. Elhew Strike

Addition's Go Susie
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Bump :(
Thanks Jim. I am really broke up about it :([sad]

I wish I could keep her, I could if I leave her outside, but I don't like leaving my dogs outside. Man this is killing me. I really want to Keep her but he is just coughing and sniffling and the only time he does not is when he is not home. Dr said Dog allergy.[sad]
This is True. I just Don't know if I have it in my heart to leave her outside. I mean I have had dogs that I kept outside and that was cause they just wanted nothing to do with being inside. She likes to be inside. Maybe I could just keep her out in tha day and at night bring her in as well as in the bad weather. My old GSP was always inside she was like my daughter running around. I knda was looking for the same thing but my Poor step-son is suffering from it.[down][sad]
Tried that he cried all night.. :D
TJC, Maybe I will try that I really don't want to give her up she is a great dog and the first one I had since my GSP past away in 2001 [sad] Man I miss her. Maybe I will try the outside route and give it a chance. Thanks TJC.
I am going to put her outside as soon as I get the cement platform for the kennel done. I am going to back the kennel up to the wood shed and then cut a hole in the side of the shed. From there I am going to build a insulated box for the dog with an insulated top I can flip up for cleaning. I am also going to put a doggie door on it so wind will not go in. I wish I could find someone to take her so she does not have to stay outside. Are pointers good being outside> I had a GSP and she was the best house dog I know she would have hated being kept outside.
Six hundred For the dog and kennel is low. Try to find an English pointer in NJ and you are going to pay around $2000 for the same blood line. She is champion Elhew Bred. She came in from Texas I paid well over Six hundred just for the pup. I was throwing in a 10X6 outdoor Kennel and a Indoor Kennel as well. She is a bird dog and a half. $600 is a steal for this dog.
Plus she is still a pup.! In the best training stages not an adult yet.
It's okay Not a problem. I hate having to do this as it is. She is a good dog. I can't believe I am posting on a Hunting site and I can not find a buyer for a dog of her type and Breed background? Man Lets try this one 6 year old boy with Dog allergies for sale $800 and the next 12 years of support and then college fee's. Maybe that will make the dog look better at $600.00 :)
Thanks Bob for the helpful information.
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