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English Pointer 4 Months Old For Sale

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Sad to say but I can't keep her My Step Son allergies are just to bad. :(. She is an excellant Dog Champion Blood Line awsome colorings and a Nose like you would not believe. Points like a statue. Had all her first shots is Due for her socond round. $600 takes her and the 10X6 kennel and the indoor Kennel. I paid over $1000 for everything, I wish I could keep her but the wife said no his alergies are just to bad. :(
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How's the step son feel about living outside:D
Hey hkdon,I know that you would lose money but maybe if you could give the dog away or drop the price someone could take her. Just a thought
ok ok...sorry..just a suggestion...didn't know the details
1 - 3 of 37 Posts
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