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Education worth it?

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Im curious as to how many of you have had the opportunity to head back to school for a Masters program. I have an opportunity through my company to go back to school to obtain a Masters in Information Systems or a Masters in Telecommunications Management. Do you feel that additional education has help you move forward in your careers?
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Whenever someone asked me about going back to school I always replied with: "Absolutely, let the other guy sit on the barstool".[up]
I got an LL.M (masters) in taxation after getting my law degree. It definitely made my resume stand out.
My wife just got her Master's this past May. Her raise starts in Sept. and retirement and SS is based on the last 3 years of employment so 3 more years of work and all is well.[patcheye]
Definitely yes. Education is important. School and further studies are very interesting and informative
14 year old thread??
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