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EARLY RUT THIS YEAR ?!?!?!?!!?!?

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I was talking with "hunter"'s Dad this weekend and he stated that he'd observed a buck chasing some does this past week, and had also seen a pair of bucks with antlers locked, doing their battle thing.

I saw bucks together in "bachelor groups" last weekend and this Friday night, but Saturday the bucks were out in the fields alone, and I did see one large buck messin' with a doe earlier in the evening.

"hunter"'s Dad stated that he's got some magical book or formula that has calculated an early rut starting around Oct. 10th and the Full Moon in Oct. this year. He stated that it happens in 7 year cycles and this is the 7th year.

I think the the cold fronts that we're experiencing in Northwest Jersey are playing a big part of what we are observing to be early signs of the start of the rut.

Anyone else seeing the same thing, especially this early?[confused]
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I posted this link before and I'll post it again. I think it's quite informative and does a pretty decent job showing how the rut occurs overs time in a typical bell curve pattern, spanning several months, but peaking in Nov.
I had a buck hounding a doe on Saturday night - zone 10. Not sure I buy the 7 year cycle but it is definitely early and it definitely happened.
I have said the same thing. I have noticed bucks nosing around Does for a couple weeks now and I have even seen some locking horns as well. They also smell like there in the rut??? Maybe I don't know but I was thinking of maybe trying a lite Doe scent or a Curiosity scent like Dominate buck urine?
They're just playing around now. You'll know when it serious :D
I put a film container with cotton soaked in Tink's 69 near one of my baits two days ago. It was pawed out of the ground and kicked around by " somebody "
I'm with nightstalker, I see it every year the young bucks chase the does, and give them a hard time. Some may spar alittle heavy but not all out fighting for a doe. When the does are in heat things will seem way differnt.
They are making scrapes,found a good one on Sat.
Ok, heres my take on the whole situation.

The bucks are ready to go from the minute they have hard polished antlers. The does are what trigger the rut. You will see chasing, sniffing etc, from day one till its time to breed. Because bucks are just like men, they are ready for a roll in the hay anytime.

However does are difficult until the right time, (just like a woman);) The does estrous cycle is triggered by photoperiodism, (a change in the amount of daylight that reaches the gland in the back of their eye....cant think of the name of it right now).

Moon phases triggering the rut? I dunno....some studies say yes, some say no...I believe the full moon effects movement, but really has nothing to do with rut timing. But thats just my opinion. I know the moon plays a great effect on wildlife movement, but I dont think its a reliable enough "clock" to trigger breeding.

Around this area, you will find the majority of peak chasing is around the first week of November. Thats my favorite time to be in the woods, because most likely your bottle of doe-pee is the first female to "cooperate", and they will hunt you down. From what Ive seen peak breeding usually falls between the third and the last week of November. Still a good time to be in the woods, but chances are big boy has a gf, so dont make too many buck sounds. He wants to keep his lady friend away from the other bucks. Doe sounds and smells are ok, but nothing will make him venture far from the real thing. And she sure as heck doesnt want him chasing other does so....

The "second" peak of the rut normally takes place between 6 day firearm and I believe it lasts till January in our area. We have a LOT of does that get missed on their first cycle, and also a lot of early born fawns that get their first cycle late.
This causes the rut to be kind of long and drawn out after the first peak, because there is no telling when a doe could come into estrous, and as usual, the bucks are ready and willing.

Like I said, thats my take on the whole "rut" thing.

The best advice would be to spend as much time in the woods as you possibly can from September to February! Thats when you'll get your buck!;):D

Good luck----Matt[up]
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However does are difficult until the right time, (just like a woman
how would you know? :D

just busting...:D
I'm not a bioligist like some but just an average hunter.I've always found the bucks start moving well from about Halloween on and it seems the rut normally peaks around Nov 10-14th.
I believe that the cold front that moved in has sparked the deer to start feeding and milling around more than they normally would during the heat. Here in Ringwood, we had an 8 pt, a 6pt and a 4 point buck hit and killed by cars just within the past week. Same thing each fall......
Saturday I saw a forkhorn about 60 or 70 yards out, and he was running in a circle grunting, he then walked off into these really thick pines
I watched a spike mount a 6 pt and tried humping him. Then they busted heads for awhile. The spike was chasing the does not the 6 pt. They were all 45 yrd away for 2 1/2 hrs. I grunted 2 different times and they did not repond either time. There was also a 4 pt around as well.
Who cares if the Rut happens all we need is our 50 pound bags of corn and a sharp arrow. It's as easy as pie when I do it this way. Saves time on scouting too! Yeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaa
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