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Early Goose season

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Is anyone going out for the september goose season?
If so where?
I will be hunting stokes.
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If I had a dog and knew how. I would love to try it.
Hey, how do you do up at stokes? Last time up there they only allowed waterfowl hunting way in the back of the lake. Have they changes the rules for hunting there yet?
Have you hunted the fields along the delaware?
I have two places along the Deleware river I intend to try this year. I am relativly inexperienced at water fowl hunting and have had limited success.

One thing I found is that hunting with decoys on fields in Sept is difficult because it is hard to find a place they can see the decoys over the vegitation.

The two places on the Deleware I am going to try are backwaters where I can put out floating decoys. On place is near Paquhary Flats between the Jersy bank and an island...I think Poxono Island. The other is a backwater with a whirlpool upstream from the Milford Bridge. A flotation vest is needed to wade here.

There are other places that seem good, but require a boat(which I don't have): Paulinskill Lake(Paulinskill WMA); Green Turtle Pond (in Wanaque WMA); Kasmir Pond ( in Waywayanda State Park).

Does anyone know if they allow waterfowl hunting on Waywayanda Lake in the back past the big island?
I think so, along with Ringwood State Park
The big problem early season on state waters is the fishermen. They know your set up hunting but will still drift within the decoy spread. Or the yahoos come racing up on the decoys to make them fly. LOL never had one take off LOL
I'll set decoys in high gr [no swearing please] ( 2ft) fields the geese still come in. Granted most shots will be passing the spread but some come right in!
For the guys who are just starting goose hunting it's ALL ABOUT LOCATION!!!!
Stokes is ok it is just p [no swearing please] shooting before they hit the pond where you cant hunt in most of the time i get two or three geese a day sometimes we get none but thats hunting.
Like Bob said i have tried a few places but since the weather is still nice there are fishermen and boaters everywhere.
I'll be willing to give it a try if anyone wants a rookie waterfowler tagging along.
Early goose season??? ....they should have year round open season. Those things are gross when the poop all over baseball and soccer fields...and all along my lake! [mad]
Drag, Attracted them into your yard and take them.
I hear ya mpemt24. I am pretty sure that I can get a "nuisance/pest" permit/permission from the township.
Deer should be all year too. They crap on my lawn & rip up the trees. DAM DEER!!!!!!!!! LOL
Drag is right, there should be a year round season for those effin geese. I won't take my kid to the local park because of them. There is a pond about an acre or so in size in this park, but there is goose crap ALL OVER. It sucks! Problem is, what do you do with the damn things once you shoot them. They are worthless when it comes to table fare.
I've had smoked Canada Goose. Pretty tasty.

I think I'd p [no swearing please] on the liver, these geese have been eating lots of chemically treated lawns.
Not trying to open a can of worms but the deer are as bad as geese IMO. They crap over my lawn, rec. fields where people play. They are eating the same chem lawns as the geese. Plus almost every deer is carrying lymes too. I'm ALL hunting them year round.
My wife is ready to knock a few deer off the lawn. Now they are coming up 6 steps on to the porch for the flower boxes LOL. geese never did that LOL
Have you hunted the fields along the delaware?
These fields should be awsome after they mow them the first week on Nov. Unfortunatly that is extended bow season and the goos season stops for a few weeks.

Have you hunted the winter goose season? have you had success calling them into snow covered fields?
I want to try this year.I have a Lab,decoys,a boat,and a Benelli Super Black Eagle.Oh yeah,and a few calls!
230grain hollowpoint;
We hunt them on snow. They will still come into the spread. We'll rake the snow back or throw some dye on it. If they fly we'll get them in. ( sometimes LOL)
I heard that laying down astro turf in the winter time is so effective that PA F&W banned astro turf.
anyone that want to go let me know, I know a few places on the delaware that we can go hunt, and it would benefit me cause i have a Pa and Nj license, and Pa's goose season starts the 1st of Sept. The areas I Hunt are in Harmony, Warren County
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