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Proposed game code:

Permit Muzzleloader (63 days)
Antlerless deer only: Dec. 5 - 10, 2005

6-Day Firearm (6 days)
Two bucks: Dec. 5 - 10, 2005

So... how does this work if I hunt the 6-day with a muzzleloader? If I have a muzzleloader permit..then doe only. But if I do not have a muzzleloader permit..then buck only? [confused]

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if you see a buck shoot it = tag it with your 6-day buck tag.

if you see a DOE shoot it = tag it with your muzzleloader tag.

Remember after the 6-day season is over with you still have a buck tag for your muzzleloader ( for shotgun if you tag out 2 bucks, you can't shoot one for shotgun season)

I have been doing that for 6 years now...Having others push DOEs to me all the time.
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