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Greetings fellow bow hunters. The wife and I have just returned from the Pocono 500. Kurt Willie (UBNJ Magazine Editor) has asked that I write a few words about myself, the current UBNJ website, and future plans for our website. Please bear with me; it was a long scorching day at the race track.

I have hunted in Pennsylvania since I was a kid. My family has owned a little piece of land in Bucks County (Upper Makefield) since the 1950s. These days it’s been getting harder and harder to shotgun hunt the property because of all the mansions built up around the property (that’s another story). However, I am grateful that we still have the ability to bow hunt, crossbow hunt (another story), and utilize Pennsylvania’s 50 yard safety zone rule (yet another story). My family also owns a couple of places in Carbon County near Hickory Run State Park where it seems there are more bear than deer.

After living in Colorado for a few years, the wife and I currently reside in Jefferson Township in Morris County. She is employed as a licensed social worker at St. Clare’s Hospital in Boonton. Believe me there are some nice deer lurking around the hospital. Too bad you cannot hunt them legally. The past four years I have been employed as a Software Architect/Developer for a company in Denver, Colorado and as an Independent Consultant in New Jersey. Yes, this means that I work in Colorado from New Jersey. I have to fly to various cities throughout the United States every couple of months. But, it’s not all bad. Colorado is two hours behind New Jersey which means that I can bow hunt until about 9:30 AM and be at work by 10:00 AM (8:00 AM Denver time)!

Enough about me and more about some of things I have done with our existing website. All council members and county representatives now have email addresses to facilitate communication and enhance the professionalism of our organization. Some new email address examples include: [email protected], [email protected], and [email protected] You can find everyone’s new email address under the Contact section of our website.

It now takes an individual about three minutes to email their legislators using the new political Action Center on our website. Just select your district, fill in your information (name, address, etc.), and click on the Submit button. An email is automatically sent to your legislators regarding a specific piece of pro-hunting New Jersey legislation on your behalf. Heck, while you are at it, select the Copy Governor Codey checkbox! Don’t know who your legislators are? No problem. I made it easy for you to find them too. If you have not visited our Action Center please do so now. Moreover, I’ve been trying to keep the website up-to-date with news, alerts, legislation, and upcoming events. The majority of time it only takes about five minutes to update the website once I receive an email from Bacs, Spoto or Hoinowksi.

In closing, the website is for you, the UBNJ members. If you have any ideas, comments, or suggestions that you think would benefit the UBNJ membership please send them to me ([email protected]). Some future website plans/ideas include: a membership login/portal, a CBDMP (community-based deer management program) section, and the added ability to fax or snail mail your legislators using the Action Center tools. Good luck this season.
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