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Dragthor, Matty, hkdonfishn & imb21 bowhunting (Pic)

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Dragthor, Matty, hkdonfishn & imb21 bowhunting this morning (9/29/05)...

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Hey Matty, when I got my new van, 1 month later doing a job the people hadn't trimmed their bushes and scratched the sh$7 out of my shiney new van. I got POed but then calmned down because it was going to happen eventually. After all I use it for work. You should expect scratches and worse if you bing one hunting, I found that out too. Ya can't expect to have a premo ride if you take it to work or play.

Ps. Stay on the road and quit driving down deer trails and that won't happen.:D

Sorry to hear about it though.
He must be pissed, cause he has been on here for a long while now, but hasnt posted anything.
I think he just does not sign off. But I like the idea that he is POed. However, it is sunny now. He may be out working on his truck.
No one made him do it he chose to do it on his own. I told him he would get scuff marks he still chose to follow. It was fun though some good hill climbs. His truck is okay plus it has 200,000 miles on it so the scuff marks are not that bad and they wash right off.
Most of it came out, theres still a few big ones that wont buff out yet. But I will get them too. Ive been working on the scratches since 11:30 or so.:eek: It was bad, it looked like I dragged lawn rakes up and down the sides of the truck and across the hood. When I saw it I was livid!

I didnt think it was gonna be that bad Sean, I wish you woulda warned me a little more seriously. Once I was halfway up the trail and realized what I had gotten myself into it was too late, no way to turn the beast around. Burned up half a quart of oil with those "hill climbs" too. Oh well, what can I do, its not your fault. Im not mad at you, Im mad at myself for being stupid enough to take my baby up that mountain.:eek::(

If you ever ask me to follow you again, and I happen to say yes, kick me in the head, and remind me of this day. OK?
Okay. I am going to the GWB today after work was thinking of jumping want to come? Leave your truck at home I will throw mine off with us. If you say yes you will come I will be over to kick you in the head and remind you of the scratches in your truck. Oh wait the scratches that might make you jump. Well forget it I changed my mind. But the next time we go wheeling I will drive we will go nuts and hit some jumps and stuff. I don't care about scratches. Hey what do think of the property?[up]
sean - are you getting a new truck?

If so... Mu-hahahahaha.
I am trying they did not want to give me the price I was willing to pay so I walked. I am still in search of one Subaru Baja.!
Can you throw deer in the back of those things?
Sure can. They have a pickup truck bed.
it looked like I dragged lawn rakes up and down the sides of the truck and across the hood.
Down here South of the Trenton/Dixon line, we call that a PINE BARRENS paint job.
Just remember the first scratches hurt the most.
Yeah If it were a brand new truck, but its 10 years old, but I can see how matty is upset, he is very attached to his g/f, or truck!! LOL
It may be 10 years old, but it doesnt stay in nice condition on its own.

Sure the rear bumper is rotted, but that is getting replaced when I can afford the new one, and there is some spot rust up on the drivers side front fender. Thats an easy fix. Other than that, the truck is mint for being 10 years old.

You all can poke all the fun you want, but my truck is something I care about and take care of...not something I just beat the living [no swearing please] out of....I cant afford to just run out and buy another $30,000 truck when I kill this one. So with all the maintenance I do, this one could last at least another 100,000 miles. (Fingers crossed) I'd like it to look decent when it gets there.

Whatever though......I took care of most the scratches. Other than two deep ones on the passenger door and one on the left quarter panel, you can hardly tell now.

By the way Sean, I have to work tomorrow and Saturday, so I wont be able to get the shed with you. Sorry.[sad]
That's okay. I can get it I will use my buddies truck. Sorry for poking fun at your truck I know how you feel did you see all the scratches on mine :D. Like I said if you want a beater you can buy mine it works fine and is in really good shape for a 1994 first $1500.00 takes it. Just put new tranny in 4 months ago.
Matty, you know its all in fun. Dont put yourself down, you do have a nice truck and I would be the same way if I were in your position. Can you tell the old Matty to come back, cause this one really sucks!! LOL
21 - 35 of 35 Posts
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