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Dragthor, Matty, hkdonfishn & imb21 bowhunting (Pic)

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Dragthor, Matty, hkdonfishn & imb21 bowhunting this morning (9/29/05)...

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All I know:

- I am working
- Matty is pissed/mad/upset about his truck
- Ian and Sean are still out there!
On the way home... Matty was so distraught that we almost got into an accident... and then he almost got off the wrong exit to my house.

When Matty dropped me off he didn't even want to look at the scratches on his truck.
The photo of us... looks like a bunch of outlaws.
Dude...Matty has not been "online" all day. I'm telling you...he is upset about his girlfriend... I mean truck.

He's probably out in the rain (as I type) detailing and waxing it.
sean - are you getting a new truck?

If so... Mu-hahahahaha.
Can you throw deer in the back of those things?
1 - 7 of 35 Posts
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