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did a little banging of the drum (pics)

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i took out my dad, a huning buddy and dbowers today, on the delaware bay.
we set up on the edge of a lump with a bushel of surf clams. we lost about 12 fish and landed two. just couldn't hit them quick enough. i think they had the hooks in their grinders and couldn't sink them.
dbowers had two today. big one was in the 80-85lbs class, the small one went about 70lbs.

like a lake out there today, not many days like it.
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just got done with a plate of grilled drum.
soaked them in fresh garlic, terriyoki and lime juice.
the big ones are very much like a pork tender loin.
the smaller ones flake like striper.

Shoot Straight!
what kind of fish are those?
black drum

we do get reds in the summer, they are a southern fish.

we had one tied up to a cleat, he would drum every once in a while. he called in a school of fish. they were drumming under the boat on both sides.
for decades they were caught mostly at night. they would show on the delaware side, then come to the jersey side. about two years ago they show on our side in big numbers and at any time of day. we had more hits at the slower current times and dead tides.
We always had to run to Slaughter Beach at night to get them. I haven't been out in a couple years now.

[up]Nice fish, ugly bastards though.
It was a good day[up] First time I ever caught a drum; man am I tired[sleep][ko]
Very cool I have not caught a drum since I lived in Florida in 1983 it was a black drum about 40lbs man I would love to get out for some of these big boys[up]
I was at a tackle shop on rt 36 by the RB and a couple of guys came in to weigh a black drum. They thought it was ~100 lbs and although it was a pretty big, I doubt it was over 90. Nice fish either way. I left before they hung it on the scale cause I was itchin to get out on the water. Caught about 20 yellow eyed demons. Brought three home for smoking and fish salads.
How do they taste
I had them once and didn't care for them. The Tog was much better that I caught that same summer. I'm just one opinion though, other guys may love Drum fish? Congrats to the guys that caught these, they are tough fish reel in. It feels like your pulling 500 lbs straight up. Nice Drum fellas [up]
Nice fish. I want to bring my boat down there one day for them
Great day for you, Dave! Congrats and nice t-shirt!
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