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Town of West Milford to Receive 200K to Purchase Bear Resistant

New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Commissioner
Bradley M. Campbell today presented West Milford Township, Passaic
County with a $200,000 grant to purchase bear resistant garbage cans
help minimize bear problems throughout the state. Township officials
plan to acquire the cans in the fall, a time when bear nuisance
complaints in West Milford are at their highest.

"One of the best ways to discourage nuisance bears is by storing
garbage properly," said Commissioner Bradley M. Campbell. "These
bear resistant cans will not only help reduce bear garbage problems in
West Milford, it will also provide useful data regarding the
effectiveness of using bear resistant garbage cans to keep bears in
their natural habitat-away from residential neighborhoods."

"These cans will help us better manage our bear problems and improve
the quality of life for West Milford residents," said West Milford
Township Mayor Joseph Di Donato.

Cans will be distributed to every household free of charge in six West
Milford neighborhoods where bear incidents have been particularly high
in recent years. The remainder of the funding will go toward
subsidizing the purchase of cans for the entire municipality.
will be able to purchase bear resistant garbage cans for a nominal fee.

"Public education and responsible garbage management are among the
many important tools we need to employ in the comprehensive management
of our black bear population in New Jersey," said Martin Mchugh,
Director of DEP's Division of Fish and Wildlife. "This pilot
project will help evaluate the benefits of community wide education
garbage management."

The Department will compare bear nuisance data in the test communities
with data gathered from "control" communities, that is, communities
that are not saturated with bear resistant garbage cans. Before and
after surveys will allow DEP to evaluate the effectiveness of the cans
as part of a comprehensive strategy for minimizing bear-human
interactions in towns and communities throughout New Jersey.

The pilot program also includes an educational component to inform
Milford residents about how to live in bear country. Important facts
about black bear behavior, habitat needs and ways of avoiding conflict
will be distributed to residents in town mailings.

Joining the Commissioner at the event were Councilman Joseph
Elcavage, Township Administrator Richard Kunze and other Town

In 2003 and 2004, there were 198 bear damage and nuisance complaints
reported in West Milford.

To date, DEP has trained more than 600 law enforcement personnel from
towns and public agencies in bear response protocol and techniques.

To learn more about New Jersey's black bears, visit DEP's Web site

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$200,000 for garbage cans? For one town[confused]
So, if they think this might work (which it won't) everyone has to buy these steel garbage safes now?
Doesn't anyone realize they were shot out of NJ for a reason? Same with coyotes and wolves.

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So what happens when a bear comes to a neighborhood to get food, and can't get it from a steel vault...he goes through the wooden door into the house and finds his meal there. Stupid move...waste of money and will force more bears to enter homes in search of food instead of just garbage cans.

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It's incredible that these people are appointed or voted in by the majority of votes. I feel that there is little common sense in these programs. Just proactive actions to the mistakes they have made in the past. Total the $200,000 times the amount of communties with the problems. A whole lot of taxpayers money. Sound management of a renewable resource is the simple answer, that they make so difficult. If these people ran a business like they run our government they would bankrupt it for sure. It's a scary thought, they could bankrupt us. No they will just tax us more to pay for their mistakes.

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Typical politician response "Throw tax payers money at it and maybe it'll go away"

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Lynda Smith is expecting the public to believe that the bear problems can be fixed by taking better care of your trash. Trash bears are only a symptom of the real problem.

Ask yourself this: Why does West Milford have more bear incidents than say, Chester? Using Lynda Smith's logic, the people of West Milford are ignorant slobs, unable to grasp the concept of basic hygiene. A town full of Michael Moores if you will. Chester, on the other hand, must be among the cleanest towns in NJ. As you head south and east the towns must get cleaner, correct?

Now back to reality, more bear incidents happen in the most heavily bear populated areas in the state. Period. Garbage doesn't matter. It never has.
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