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Deer Makes Unscheduled Visit To Bucks Co. Salon
Jamie Smith
NEWTOWN, Pa. (CBS 3) ―

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Clients at a local hair salon got a visit from an unwanted customer Monday afternoon.



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Clients at a local hair salon got a visit from an unwanted customer Monday afternoon.

A deer went crashing through the window of the David Witchell Salon in Bucks County, leaving more than just hair clippings strewn across the floor.

Close to 50 people were in the Newtown salon when the deer barreled through the front window.

"The deer came bouncing across the street and jumped up into somebody's pickup truck. Then it jumped out of the pickup truck and stood in front our building, turned and looked in the window, and then came bolting through the window," said Witchell.

The deer reportedly smashed its head into several mirrors, leaving trails of blood throughout the store.

"I was calm and cool on the outside, but believe me I was freaking out on the inside," said Witchell.

Clients and employees started rushing out of the back door when the ruckus started.

"Before you knew it was charging at us and everybody was running. It was like something out of a movie," said stylist, Toniann Monaco.

A few salon employees and clients were able to coral the deer by its antlers within minutes, and led the scared animal out of the store.

"Everything seems like it will be fine. The police said they are going to keep an eye on him," said Witchell.

Witchell said the damage to the store was so minimal that he won't even need to file an insurance claim.

Nobody was injured in this bizarre event.
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