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Deer Team # 3

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Team #3

Wow, just got home, and I was very surprised to see we have teams already. [up]

Looking over the names, its obvious we are going to win!:D[up][up][up]

Any ideas on a team name guys?
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Welcome aboard NJ![up]

Food Plots!![up] I like the sound of that! :)

Sounds like you have luck on your side the way that rain just missed you. Not that we need luck, because we are clearly the best team out there, but it wont hurt!;):D

If you guys think of any names for our team, just shout em out.[up]

Im trying to think of some....but Im drawing a blank, we all need to brainstorm, and then vote on it!:)
How about "Team Freezer-fillers"?

Or "Team Trophy Taggers"

or "Team Drop-Tine"


Welcome aboard MS22!
I like that one too....

I think we should all come up with a name or two, and then have a vote on it..

All in favor of a vote.....say I.

Just a reminder! Its gonna be warm during early season, but dont forget to take a pic with the deer before it gets butchered. Ive done that more than once.:(

To submit an entry a participant must include in the "Contest Entry Thread" post:

- your screen name
- buck or doe
- the number of tines that are longer than 1 inch (main beam counts), if applicable.
- a photo of himself/herself with the deer
- photo(s) with all scorable tines visable. If 1 inch tine is questionable supply a photo with a measurement against the tine for verification.
- a photo of legal NJ possession tag.
A few names to vote on.

"Team Drop-Tine"

"The Freezer-fillers"

"The Non-Typicals"

"Team Trophy Taggers"

"The dont show your wife the taxidermy bill bunch":D
I'm torn between "Team Drop-Tine" and "The Non-Typicals".


My vote goes to; "The Non-Typicals"
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