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Deer Team # 3

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Team #3

Wow, just got home, and I was very surprised to see we have teams already. [up]

Looking over the names, its obvious we are going to win!:D[up][up][up]

Any ideas on a team name guys?
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Okay, I'll check in. Was out all day doing my fall foodplots, just before the rain came. I finished my last one and the skies opened as I was loading the trailer. Got a nice 2 acre L shaped plot of soybeans, oats, landino clover and brassicca's. The plot sits between the woods and a standing corn field. The other two I put in were on different farms and were Biologic Maximum and Imperial No Plow. Waiting on my Wildlife Buffet seeds to do one more.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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