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Deer Mounts Completed Recently (Pix)

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I FINALLY got pictures! Things have been hectic, but I thought you may enjoy a couple pics!;)

Here is an "early" PA Deer, double drop tine

A Big Boy from Illinois

Last is a local Pine deer from the Tuckerton area.
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Great work, like always...[up][up]
Great job and that double drop tine is really cool and I love the double throat patch[up][up][up]

Shoot Straight!
awesome work sandy [up][up] thats a big pine deer
Looks awesome. I'm so excited to get mine back from you! I know it's gonna look great[up]
Great work Sandy[up][up]! I cant wait to see mine done. I'll just look for the thread "pv216's deer complete" lol. [up][up]
Excellent mounts [up][up]
Top notch as usual Sandy, I'd expect nothing less, great work[up]
Very nice Sandy ;) Love that double drop [cool]
The close up of the nose pad is outstanding..I was stareing at it..Trying to find fault. There is none !
1 - 20 of 37 Posts
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