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deer hunters hunting on 9/24

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good luck to anyone who is going deer hunting this morning. here i am awake at 2:41am and im not even going hunting(i think i have insomnia lol). just remember to be safe guys. best of luck! [up]:)
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why thank you. Good luck to everyone today.[up]
I was gonna go out this morning but I forgot to set the alram for 4am and insted it was still set for 6 am when i get up for work [mad]
my buddy just called. he got his doe this morning. i wish i could have gone. he saw like 15 and they were in my area.
Guess they were moving this morning huh ? I should have been out but I didnt finish work untill around 2 AM so I did not even set the alarm . I used to just pull an all nighter when I was yunger but I would just fall a sleep in the stand now a days lol .

I will try to sneek out this afternoon if I can .

Good luck guys !

Woj, you better not have told him where that 10 pointer is like you told me. After I get my doe on Monday, Tuesday that 10 pointer is down.
This is the first brake we are getting as far as temperature. I hunted last night in one of my honey holes. I came off the tree in shock, I never saw a deer. This afternoon winds are out of the ENE, been watching two beauties a 9 and 8 going to my feeder. But the only time I can hunt there is like today, only with an East wind do I dare to go near that area. Tonight I will let you know how I made out and what I saw. Tony
pastup about 6 Does and had a nice 4 pointer under me. Waiting for the big one.!
Sean, are you going to put me where those does are? I am trying to get my first bow kill ever, not just for the season.
mpemt24, my buddy was with me when i saw the big boy. he saw about 15 deer this morning. alot of them were coming from where i saw the 10.

are you really going to go there?;)
No, you put in your time. I am going to stick to my buddy's. It was the first time I was there in about 2 years. I went in blind. I have a few tree stand spots picked out now.
I was out till 9 AM today. at 8:20 I had 3 Doe trot by at 20 yards. No shots. I came down at 9 and a small 8 watched me till I touched the ground.I didn't see him till I hit ground. My buddy (Hunter255) shot a good Doe. Congats Hunter255
The buck I saw was grunting and following a doe around the whole time. I have only seen that during the rut. That is the second buck I have seen in 2 days following a doe. Could some of the does on my property be starting there cycle?
The bucks are trying to push them into cycle. So far alot of stuff is different from last year. BUt thats Mother Nature
I wonder if that is what I look like when I follow the wife around. I have been trying to push her into her cycle for a month now :)
co;ngrats hunter255 on that doe! [up]
Well, they were moving early and often today. I got out about 3:00pm, put the steps in the tree, climbed up and had just pulled my bow up when I heard something walking in the field. I turned and saw a pretty good 8 pointer walking across the mowed field. It was cloudy and breezy, so I guess it was comfortable for them to be out early. I wasn't even changed yet (I usually walk in with a long sleeve tee shirt, then change into the X-Scent base layer and a camo shirt over it). He browsed with 15 or 20 yards of me for about 10 minutes, then walked off. He was about A 90 or 100 inch deer, but only a yearling, so I wouldn't have shot him if I could have. If he makes it another 2 yaers, he'll be a big buck.

About 4:00pm, I saw a fawn and another small buck come out into the field about 100 yards away, right under another stand I have.

Had a few ground hogs and some turkeys out in the field for the next 60 minutes, all up by the other stand. Then about 5:15pm, a small spike walked directly under my stand and went down the edge of the field in the direction the fawn and small buck went earlier, again, right under the other stand.

From about 6:00pm til 6:45pm, a doe and a fawn were feeding in the hayfield up under that stand. When they left the field, I got down and walked out a little early. There were no deer on the field and I didn't want some to come out just before dark and spook them off on the way out.

The farmer had just mowed the field, he was actually leaving as I was walking in, and maybe thats why they came to it so much. Was a good afternoon.
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Shot my 5th doe tonight. Have not seen any decent bucks either on camera or live from stand. Lots of little ones, nothing nice.
TJC,Your freezer must be overflowing,.
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