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Deer decoys

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Anyone use one? Would a deer target work just as good? The one I have from Cabelas is pretty realistic from 30 yards. Except the not-moving part of course. In the early morning or sun-setting time of day, with the dim light, do you think it would be very different than a decoy?
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I used a deer target Saturday afternoon. Had it set up with some Silver Top on it. Had a small one horned forkie come out and grunt-snort-wheeze at it, and a mature doe was stomping and snorting at it for about 15 minutes. The little buck just walked away after his grunt-snort-wheeze and went across the field to visit the real deer. This was on the farm BROWNING 10GA and I hunt, and it's about the biggest thing I've seen there this year.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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