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I havent gotten my pics to Bacs yet. My computer is screwed up and my brand new HP all in one wont scan.

Im assuming its the possession tag he needs a pic of right? I hope so, because the transport tag is long gone.

I photocopied the possession seal, and will give it to Dragthor next time I see him.

Lets hope that doe doesnt even matter....Im hoping to add more than 5 points to the team.;)[up]

I will be out next week October 1st, and I hope I can help my team[up]

Going up to my spot in about 1/2 hr. check my camera, my friend sammy told me to make sure I bring my off duty firearm, he's nervouse about the bears, little he knows I can run alot faster then him, so he will be sh*t out of luck :p
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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