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We all have bloopers and blunders. I have one I would like to share for a few laughs.

It is 03:00 AM. I quietly get out of bed trying not to wake the family. In the shower I go using scent free soap and towels from scent free laundry detergents. I get my scent free street clothes out of my scent free bag. Drive straight to my hunting grounds. Its "zero dark-thirty". I arrive. I quietly get out of the vehicle, get dressed in my scent free clothing that was in a scent free bag.Spray down my boots and equiptment with "white lightning" scent killer. I move slow, carefull and silent as possible through the woods to my stand.I climb into my stand hook up my safety harness screw in my bow holder and pull my bow up. I noc an arrow and its 5:00 AM. PERFECT!!
It has been raining for 7 days, but that is not going to keep me out of the woods. Its now 9:00 AM and the rain stops, the temp drops I am dry, however I am cold. I am actually shivering as a small doe appears out of the corner of my eye. I try and stop shivering but I cannot. I keep saying get a hold of yourself, but the teeth are chattering and the left leg is shivering. Another doe appears then another and then the big doe comes out. She stops 10 yards in front of me broadside.I draw my bow and wouldnt you know, I did not have the arrow nocked completely, so it drops from the bow and my noc is resting on my knee and the broadhead is on my left forearm. (I am sitting down)However I am still at full draw with no arrow nocked and of course the noise of the arrow falling off alerted the 4 does which all jumped and ran about 10 yards then stopped. The big doe just stared right at me,which was a few minutes but seemed like an eternity.By this time my teeth were chattering so bad I had to bite my lip to stop and my left leg was shaking so bad I lowered the bow and tried to stop it by pushing down on it with the bow, it worked!! Now the right leg started shivering and I could see my breath going through my scent blocker face mask. I thought I was busted for sure. Just then the big doe relaxed and went back to browse. In approximately 3 seconds I was able to undraw the bow,nock the arrow, and get target aquisition for a perfect double lung shot. She ran 100 yards down a hill to expire.
What an exciting hunt and I wish it was filmed . Hope everyone can get a good chuckle out of my story and I know I will never make that mistake again.
Scott E.
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