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Dead deer rt. 78 westbound ex. 12.

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Dead deer, rt. 78 westbound at exit 12. Cut in half. Pretty greusome. Hope DOT picks it up soon.
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Saw about 4 on Rt 287S between Morristown and Rt 78 over the weekend. Also, 1 turkey was flattened.
deer all over 78 from exit 7 to 18 I saw about 10 deer. most where on the east bound side. Also saw about 10 deer in the fields off of 78.
i seen the one at exit 12 on sunday...on my way to farmers sportsmans club for the 3d shoot...there were 2 deer there both cut in half. HADDA be an 18 wheeler all i can imagine
yea ... outlaw and i were driving together that one was really quashed ....
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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