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Dead coyote on Rt 80 west in Paterson

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On my way to work this morning I saw a dead coyote on the left shoulder of Rt 80 west in paterson (around exit 58). Looked way to big to be a dog.
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where about on Rt. 80 Paterson? I just got home from walking in Garret Mtn. and I take Rt. 80 to & from there, and I didnt see anything
It's on the left shoulder (1 foot away from the fast lane) right before exit 58 west bound. It's on the bridge.
thats why I didnt see it, plus that sun was in my eyes
Coyotes in Paterson? Now there's something I didn't expect.
dead coyote west bound rt 80 mile marker 19 also (allamuchy)...big one
I would expect one in the allamuchy area... but paterson surprises me.
i past there (rt 80 paterson) yesterday around 3:30 and i didn't see it.
Good. 2 less coyotes that are killing turkey and deer.
I past there this morning again and it was gone already. They must of picked it up, but I know what I saw!!
I saw one a few months back. It was dead on the ramp from Rt287 onto Rt 78west bound. Big pile of fur.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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