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Well, my buddy's brother shot a decent 8 this morning. Nothing giant from what they say, still waiting to see the pics as I wasn't there when they got it out. Only psycho out of us willing to go out this AM, but mainly because he likely has to work with the snow rolling in tonight.

I finally sat my "super secret where big bucks live but never show up" spot, and they lived up to their name and didn't show up. I did see two does though, that was it. Nothing moved after 3:30PM.

In fact, I had hardly any print back there at all and I've consistently seen bucks back there for the last few years, especially on the first sit. My guess...bait...somewhere...sucking them right out of the area.

I think back to all that work in the spring moving my stand over 80 yards or so to get closer to where I've been seeing the bucks. I think about climbing umpteen trees to selectively trim branches for shots. I think about the blazing hot day in August I set that stand up for the season and got eaten alive by mosquitos, pine flies, and biting knats. Blah, I hate baiting. My first and likely last hunt in there.

Well good luck to the rest of ya, I'm running out of steam for the season.
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