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Darton Magnum Extreme For Sale

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2005model RH Darton Magnum Extreme
50 - 60 lbs Draw weight
26.5" - 31" inch Draw ADJUSTABLE (both long and short draw modules included)
CPS Hybrid cam system
All accessories included and in Excellent condition
We are really proud of the NEW MAGNUM 'EXTREME'! It has turned out to be one of the best Single Cam bows available for today’s high performance archer. This bow is not just another short, compact missile system that spits out arrows at over 312 fps IBO. The MAGNUM 'EXTREME' is a rare piece of shooting equipment that brings together the best that modern materials and advanced technology have to offer. Starting with the incredible C/P/S 'EXTREME' Hybrid Cam System for power, performance and accuracy, we then match up a pair of short UltraFlexPower, energy efficient limbs utilizing high strength modulus materials. To complete this impressive package, we mount it all on a redesigned version of the Forged Aluminum Riser that is found on the popular MAVERICK, and than added provisions for our optional *VSS integral dampening system. The result is a reliable bow that displays extraordinary performance with a smooth, comfortable 6 3/4" brace height. Are you ready for the feel of smooth power?

# Specifications:Brace Height: 6-3/4"
# Axle-to-axle: 32-5/8"
# Weight: 3.5 lbs
# Let-Off: 80%

The bow is equipped with:

Trophy Taker drop away rest
Loesch Custom grip
Darton 2pc Quiver
Saunders Stabalizer
Wrist Sling
3 Pin fiber Optic Sight
Hunter Peep
Simms Limb Savers
Sims String Leeches
5 Gold Tip Hunter 55/70 arrows

All you need is a release and some broadheads. This bow is ready to hunt. I killed two beautiful Pope and Young bucks with this bow and it's been hanging on a hook in the den for nearly two years. It's been my backup and now it's time to let it go.

I'm including both draw modules which allows draw adjustments from 26.5 - 31 inches in 1/2 inch increments.

This is a great bow with tremendous adjustability. It would make an outstanding ladies bow or youth bow!

Sweet shooting ready to go Hunting set up.

$325 to your door CONUS.

Interested parties should e-mail me at [email protected]

Thanks, mxkop
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