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Confused Beginner: My apples flew away !

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Totally new in hunting, just pass my test and ready for my first gun season.
For personal reasons I don't have time to scout 'til mid october maybe.
But since I live very close to a Reservation and having access to free apples then I decided why not to try
to scout for deer close to me, I think if I am able to find and pattern deer here I will be able to find them in my hunting zone.
I usually take my children for a walk in the reservation and we see some deer, last time a nice one jump about 10 yards from my child,
there were about 8 deer about 20 yards far from us, and we were loud ! I usually see deer when I drive by the zone and see footprints
in my walks, but when I look for them I don't see nothing !
To the point:
I took some pounds of apples and put them far from hiking trails, marked the place of course. That was Thursday about 5 pm.
I came back Sunday noon, and... I found NONE of them, they just dissapeared, no track of them, no footprints... no signs of leftovers,
looks like something came and just pick them up, ALL of them, I found nothing, zero, nada ! I took pictures when I left and I can say some stones or branches
were moved, just that.

I was testing "GPS Essentials" android app in my cel. for waypoints and try to find the "bait place"... problems with signal from satellites and unable to mark
my waypoints due that. free version and battery eater. btw somebody here use it, some feedback?

So now I am really curious and thinking to get some affordable cam in order to know wtf is going on!

any idea? I have no experience so I don't know if this is what I should expect.
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Thats easy to figure out. ...Deer ate them
Maybe a Bear ate them !

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What reservation come gun season go to the thickest nastiest swamp and setup shop that's where they go once everyone scouts and baits a day before the opener yep they push bear and deer deep out of where they normally are before the opener then there will be orange ribbon tape everywhere
Is Eagle Rock Reservation, NO bow hunting this year, the last time was 2012 if I remember well.
Do you ever watch HBO? Well if you ever watched the leftovers theres your answer.............................
Did you think that animals eat apples like we do with the cores spread out all over the place haha. Might have a bear problem also.
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Take your pick Bear, Deer, and even Foxes and Yotes will all take/eat apples....put a trail-cam and some more apples out and you'll have your answer...
I doubt deer,they don't eat them whole,you'd find some with lower teeth marks still there,and they poop where they eat.Most likely a bunch of raccoon's they love em! They'll pick em up whole and carry away to eat them specially if theres water near by.Also if the smaller crab kind squirrel's will walk off with them, look in the tree's too they will climb trees and store em in the leader crotch"s.But most likely ****'s.
Is Eagle Rock Reservation, NO bow hunting this year, the last time was 2012 if I remember well.
two quick points...

Are you sure there will actually even be a management hunt this year... last years was canceled;
No Deer Hunting In Eagle Rock Reservation This Year - West Orange NJ News - The Alternative Press

also, you do realize you "can't" just hunt there you have to be chosen and qualify to be part of the "Essex County Deer Management Program", in order to hunt these park/Reservation lands, Right ?
Mike didn't realize you had vision's of hunting there.Don't waste your time unless your a leo you haven't a chance! Go black river swamps.
smaller crab kind squirrel's will walk off with them
Never seen a crab squirrel. What do they look like bob?
I have no intentions to hunt that reservation btw... just trying to find out my own way to learn a little bit about this...
Never seen a crab squirrel. What do they look like bob?
they have 8 legs.You know I meant crab apples luigi lol
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