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Comparing Bolt Action Slug Guns

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I have been doing some research on the barrel length, and twist rates of today’s dedicated bolt action shotguns. I figured I would list what I have found here as a reference for others who may own these guns. These #’s should useful when comparing a particular sabots accuracy, across guns from different manufacturers.

Browning A-bolt
The 22” barrel features a 1 in 32” twist

H&R Ultra Slug
The 22” barrel features a 1 in (?) twist. *Utilizes 10ga exterior diameter barrel

Marlin 512 Slugmaster
The 21’ barrel features a 1 in 28” twist

Mossberg 695
The 22" parkerized barrel features a 1 in 36" twist. * PORTED

Savage 210 Slug Warrior
The 24” barrel features a 1 in 35’ twist.

Tar Hunt
The 23” barrel features a 1 in 28”twist. *PORTED
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I forgot to mention those #'s are all for 12ga models. As a general rule 20 ga will have a faster twist.
For some reason H&R doesn't seem to have the twist rates for the Ultra slug on their site, or in their advertisements.
I can vouch for the accuracy of the Mossberg 695 in 12ga. And the ported barrel brings the recoil down to that of a heavy duck load. My best groups ( 2" and under ) came from Federal 2 3/4" Barnes sabots. And boy do they tear a deer up.
Nightstalker, my Savage shoots those same shells very well.

That fact helps support my point for doing this research and writing this post. Notice that it is no coincidence that we both have almost identical twist rates in our guns.

That means it is very likely that anything that shoots well in a Mossberg will shoot just as well in a Savage, and vice versa.

Since my Savage does very well with the Remington Core Lokts, I would feel safe recomending them for your Mossberg...
Thanks for the advice, but since I can get ANY Federal ammunition I need for DEALER COST, It's safe to assume that if it's Federal and shoots great, I look no further.
But I will try a box of the Core Locks, just in case they shoot any better.
Nightstalker....You have probably heard the saying "don't leave fish to find fish", well that might apply to yor ammo situation..:D
[up]:DMy mossberg shoots Winchester 3 1/2" very well, yet my brothers spits out Lightfields. I don't know if it's just us, but we consistiently outshoot the Brownings, Remingtons, Winchesters. We love the Berg'.

Tha Mossberg is a very accurate slug gun. However I personally could never justify using a ported shotgun for hunting. My hearing is far more important than incremental accuracy, especially when there are other guns that shot as accurately without the use of a port.
I have a H and R Ultra Slug 20 gauge single shot. It's a very good shooting gun but it also has it's down side's too..My Father has a A-Bolt slug gun and I love shooting that gun ...I hope to get my hands on one soon..
I wear phones while sighting in, and I only take 1 shot while hunting.:)
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