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Club with Dog Training Area??

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I found a gun club in PA that has about 30 acres put aside specifically for dog training and conditioning. They offer the use of ATV's to members so you can really condition your dogs. Unfortunately, it's about 1 1/2 hours from me. Anyone know of anything like it in Morris, Sussex or Warren Counties?
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What is the name of that club? I think I've heard of that place... is it in the bucks county area?

To answer you question, no, I haven't seen anything like that in Jersey... I normally train on state land.
Welcome to the boards BBD! If there is one around here one of these hunters will know where....
Hope to see you around the boards...Jim[up]
The club in PA is called Water & Wings in Zionsville. The trainer who has my pup trains there, so I've been a few times and I like it. Only thing is it's $2000 for the year, 1 1/2 hrs away, and I'd only be able to get there once a week....way too expensive for that.
That may be the same place I heard of. I heard the bird hunting is great. The manage the land specifically for upland birds. I've heard it's the closest you can get on the east coast to hunting wild pheasant.
Could be Warrior's Mark out in Ginter PA...went there a couple weeks ago for a Rick Smith Gundog Training seminar, and was really impressed with the property. Perfect for upland bird hunting.

I've been doing some training on state land (Black River WMA's dog training area is only 15 minutes from me), but my pup is destined to field trial, and I'd love to run him from an ATV to build speed and endurance.
I think the Rick Smith seminar was being run by Lion Country Supply. I received an invitation from them a while back to attend... ofcourse I still needed to pay for it, so I didn't go. Maybe they were just trying to drum up more attendees for him, who knows.
I know of that club. I actually had one of my Britts out there. Like you say, its alot of money.You can train on state land legally,just have to check what wma's on the website in N.J. I am not a member of NAVHDA because I do not have that much time, but they seem to train few times a month in different areas.
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