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Christie Wins

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The idiots have spoken. Even the Republicans are liberals. I really have to analyze my situation real good. Sell the house I grew up in, leave a dream job, not see family and friends, and give up a 6 month long bow season, or keep taking it up the craphole living amongst the sheeple. At what point do you just throw up your hands and say its over, its all yours, you won.
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WTF is up?? People continue to bit$h and moan about their life stinks and blah blah blah, that we need to do something to make things better. Yet those same people continue to be the ones that vote to keep these morons in office, and keep the status quo.

Unfortunately I don't know that Christie will be any better than what we currently have.

This state and country are turning into the same place that the movie Idiocracy depicted. (bad movie but maybe relevant to the times)

The whole process is just very frustrating. I am actually thinking of running for office next time around just to shake things up and Pi$$ people off and get them thinking.

Just venting.
I think it is time to look for a different place to live. I am so fed up with the BS.
I love that movie,... cause it's got eloctrolites!
Just watched the intro it is pretty funny.[rofl] But if you think about it not too far from the truth.

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