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Christie Wins

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The idiots have spoken. Even the Republicans are liberals. I really have to analyze my situation real good. Sell the house I grew up in, leave a dream job, not see family and friends, and give up a 6 month long bow season, or keep taking it up the craphole living amongst the sheeple. At what point do you just throw up your hands and say its over, its all yours, you won.
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Christie will get tagged as a Bush man and Corzslime will get elected once again just based on that. Biden and Obama will make a few visits to NJ and get the roaches all stirred up and Jon will run away with an easy win...unfortunately. We're screwed.

But, as a hunter, I will be focused on deer from Sept thru Jan so my mind will be elsewhere...I hope.

Yeah, very low turnouts. In my town, hardly anyone came out to vote. I'm talking maybe 1000 total votes in my town whereas the school election/budget gets upwards of 3k.
Unfortunatly you are right. They will link Christie with Bush even though he is even worse....more like Mc Cain. They would have done that with Lonnegan also. This although Lonnegan is much more conservative than Bush. Lonnegan would have at least brought conservative isues into the mix.

I probably won't bother to vote. I am tired of simply voting against the Democrat candidate in both gubinatorial and presidential elections. The last time I actually voter FOR the republician candidate was when I voted for Reagan. Until the republicans nominate conservative candidates like Lonnegan or Merkt I don't see the point of voting. Liberal republicans almost always lose in the general election for example Mc Cain, Christie, Bush 41, Ford and so on.
I probably won't bother to vote.
Now there's the problem,everyone who wanted Lonegan needs to vote and support Christie. You guys aren't even giving him a chance and I think it's pathetic to give up and let Corzine take it. You don't know what Christie will do but you know exactly what Corzine will do. Go to a Christie rally and talk to him,you have to make the effort to find out what he's all about,he can't very well stop by everyones house in NJ and talk to them personally.

I see your point, but I am sick and tired of just voting against the democrat candidate because the republicans nominated a sub standard candidate.
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