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Depends on a number of things...shot size, specific birds to be hunted, shotgun guage.

For pheasant the ideal is a double choked modified and full. A single barrel is best modified. #4#5#6 shot are all good...I prefer#5

For grouse I like improved cylinder or a double choked improved/modified. #6#7.5 shot

Waterfowl has a world of posibilites.
Goose: I use hevi-shot BB over decoys with a modified choke. This kind of limits your range for passing shots. For passing shots a full choke is good. Again a double with modified/full is good

Ducks: over decoys #2#4 hevi shot with a full choke.
For jump shooting I use improved cylinder with 3.5" #4 shot. The idea being an open choke with a lot of pellets will have a big pattern with the best possible pattern density.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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