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Check this kid out!!!!

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At ten he's already taken more game then I have!!!

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unfrigin real!!!!! [up][up][up]

holy crap!!!!

lucky kid....i'm so jealous.
Good Lord His parents must be rich to pay for all them hunts.. That's great[up]

Ty has taken more game than 99.999% of any of us ever will. I spoke with him for a few minutes at the NRA convention this year. Very intelligent and mature kid.
is that 99.999% combined? lol
Man, where is his TV Show. I would watch him over Bill Jordan any day.
if my dad was loaded i would have been able to shoot all that game too
Amazing. You know the funny thing about that pic is, that bison's head is probably bigger than the entire kid. LOL

It is cool that a kid can do all that .......BUT.. his family is paying for all that so it doesn't impress me very much. God Bless him but without all that money I doubt he would be so succesful.

Sorry just my opinion.
Whos your daddy! Takes bucks thats all the rest falls in place.
wish i had a lot of money maybe i could do that also
All those harvests pictured does take loot because they are ranch hunts.That amasing but do you think the kid will be ruined by his father?
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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