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The check in station had just opened when in drives a hunter.The game warden walks out and says can I help you.The hunter says yes I've got a bear to check in.Great says the warden,good shot,right between the eyes.Can I see your hunting liscence?Hunting liscence the hunter asks?Well yea, you need a hunting liscence,don't ya have one?No replies the hunter.Well that'll cost ya,that'll be 1,000 dollars ,loss of your truck and rifle!Ya gotta get a liscence.OK,sorry I'll get one next year.Next year rolls around and here come our hunter again first thing in the morning.The warden says,"You again,got that liscence"Sure do replied the hunter.Good, good,Got that bear tag?Bear tag?Replies the hunter."Don't tell me you didn't get a bear tag" says the warden.To bad, and another shot right between the eyes,and a big one too.Well that's gonna be 2,000 bucks your truck and rifle again.So after payin the fine off goes our hunter.Next year here he comes again with a huge bear.The officer says how about that liscence and tag.Yes sir,right here answers the hunter.Well I see ya took three shots this year but still got him right between the eyes but shot him in both paws too.Nope just one shot replies the hunter.He put his paws in front of his eyes when I shined the light on him.
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