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check-in for small game contest! 10/3/05

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anyone in the small game contest get anything? if so, state what and how many of the animal you got. also state your team number.
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jim, did you go out today?
most of the game I can't take with my bow.
you can shoot woodchuck. mystic what do you want your team's name to be?
im gonna shoot some squirrel at whittingham when i go camping at swartswood. has anyone ever squirrel hunted whittingham? if you know any good spots can you share? if you dont wanna share your spots, ill understand.
jim,what do you want your team's name to be?
Why not Swartswood, I believe they are open to hunting as well. Or try Paulinskill which is near by.
im not familiar with swartswood hunting area. i mostly hunt whittingham and i know whittingham like the back of my hand. its my second home! :D
lifehog, did you get out today?
1 - 8 of 16 Posts
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