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cheap bags of corn

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If anybody does alot of baiting, I pay $6 for 80# bags of corn from a farmer in Hackettstown. If you bait alot, its worth the ride. Here's the # incase anybody is interested.Good luck! 908-689-1893:p
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hanks my sister-in law lives there, wish you posted a day sooner. Do you have the name of the farm to go with that number? as my neice works one of those farms during summer break.
Farms in Hackettstown? I grew up there in the 60's & we didn't have farms there then LOL
$4.00 for 50#'s
just wanted to add that gibersons in south jersey near pemberton was selling 120# lbs for 8$ also a private farm near manalapan on tennent road just before route 9 sells 100# lbs for 7 or 8$ cant remember. just look for the silo in the side of the road. you just have to knock on the farmers door and he will tell you about how he runs things. he allows 24 hout access which i love. its pay on the honor system and several have ripped him off so i dont know how much longer he will be selling.
$8 for about 120lbs @ Gibberson's in Pemberton
The name of the farm is Hengst farms. The people there are the nicest people you will ever meet. It's off of Butlers Park road. $8 for 120lbs is unbeatable, but I'd probably get a hernia lifting 120lb bags!
I pay 6 dollars for 100 pounds down in jackson.
remember corn is better given in the late fall and winter.
i had to buy corn to get the deer away from my clovers so they can grow :)
Mystic, what do you suggest for early season baiting?
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