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This afternoon I was out hunting and on the way out I saw 2 bears in front of me and on my left going away from me. As I walk down the trail there was now 3. I walk down further and there was the 4th . I made noise to scare them 3 ran alittle but one turn and started to run up the trail towards mr and growled.I Picked up a rock thru it at it & made noise and it ran but up towards my buddy who was looking for a spike he hit.the beard were now between us .Finally we scared them off a little so we could continue to look for the deer . Now its dark and we look up and there are eyes glowing back at us. Next thing we here a grol and one started to charge our way again it finaly turned and ran back to the outhers . Now we have to go back in AM to try to find the deer. I hope I see them next week so I can fill my tag.
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