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Visiting black bears won't be disturbed without cause

MONROE — Authorities are taking a "live-and-let-live" approach toward a family of black bears that has been sighted several times around the township in the last two weeks.
Sgt. Lawrence Linke of the township police said Wednesday that at least six bear sightings had been reported to police since Sept. 7, but that since none of them was confrontational and all had been confined to the more sparsely populated southern end of town, the plan is to leave the bears alone.
"We've been led to believe that if (a bear) goes into a development — instead of just hanging out in the wooded areas of town — that the state will go after it more aggressively," Sgt. Linke said. "But for now we're just going to keep an eye on the situation."
Since the first sightings were reported Sept. 7 near Dey Grove Road, police have received reports of sightings — ranging from one to three bears — in the vicinity of Jurgelsky Road, in a field on Prospect Plains Road near the post office, in Thompson Park and, most recently near Route 33, Sgt. Linke said...
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