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celery for deer

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I've got some celery that I'm going to toss. Should it go to the mulch pit or in the woods? Don't want to spook any deer but I was thinking they'd smell the chlorophyll and know it's edible.[confused] Any thoughts if they eat this stuff.
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I'm sure something will eat it, and if not then it will just break down and rot in the woods just like in the mulch pit ;
they will eat it!!! especially with a little molasses drizzled over it!!
do deer smell corn or do they just see it? i was thinking about throwing some apples out because i know they will smell apples for sure
do deer smell corn or do they just see it? i was thinking about throwing some apples out because i know they will smell apples for sure
thats what I initally do when I first bait a spot so they find it quicker[up]
Pitch it. I've tossed celery, romaine lettuce, broccoli they won't eat it. Walk right bye to eat holly leaves[spy]
guy i hunt with takes his tomato plants and makes a pile in the woods at the end of summer. they leave nothing left
I put some celery in my back yard. Sat out for weeks with nothing touching it. Apples/corn is gone within a day or two.
They ate my lettice,celery, cabbage at my diner. Took them a while but it was eaten. Took a while to eat the sweet potatos to but eventually did.
I always notice my corn is gone first then my apples...pumpkins take a while for them too[confused]
I usually empty my fridge once a week or so of veggies, as well as old bread, and I can tell you that they DON'T like green beans :)
Well... the deer pretty much eat everything else... especially this time of year.
I can throw some corn in a couple of new spots before a snow and the next night they will find it and dig it up so I believe they can smell corn even thru ice crusted snow which we had a few weeks back. Same thing wih acorns, they don't dig randomly;) Deer are still chewing on shrubs walking right past celery, romaine heads[mad]. Anybody else have to sweep pellets off your sidewalk[wallmad]
I used celery this year and the deer do eat it. I put out around 120lbs of it and I guess they ate half of it. I had out corn, celery, apples,sweetfeed and sliced carrots. they will eat it at there leasure. try putting out a little at a time to see if they will hit it. sometimes if you put out too much it is hard to determine how much they are eating. goodluck[up]
I came accross a seat on Saturday that was baited with green cabbage. It looked like the deer had not touched it. I don't know if it was because they don't like cabbage or due to the fact that this guy drove his quad all the way to the bait pile. I walked the "path" from where he parks his truck to his seat and it took less then 10 minutes. Some people are really lazy.
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