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Caught a hook in the head (pics)

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me and my buddies were trout fishing this afternoon and my friend went to cast and i heard a thud on my head... sure enough he snagged the back of my head, i yanked it out like a real man.....

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Ouch [eek][eek]
I hooked my cousin in the same spot with a Rapala when we were kids. The funniest part was watching the lure dangle from his head as he rode his bike back to his house. His dad was none too pleased to have to take him to the hospital to remove it!
A great reminder to ALWAYS wear glasses of some sort while fishing. Could have been really nasty. I'm glad you're ok. [up]
[eek] i bet that hurt like hell pulling out. not sure if a hat would've stopped it or not. right on the border of yes and no. did ya smack em for snaggin ya??
My fishing buddy did that to me closer to the ear. The funny part of that was at the hospital the receptionist thought it was an earring.

I also had a better spinner impaled - MEPPS number 2!
Brings back memories of my kids first casting experience [lol]
The funniest part was watching the lure dangle from his head as he rode his bike back to his house.
The funniest part was you thinking you were caught in the bushes trying to yank the hook out. Meanwhile it was sinking the hook deeper in our cousins head.[hihi][hihi]
Could have been worse, could have been a rapala with 3 trebel hooks!

Actually, probably the worst thing about that was the fly fishermen scolding you for using a spinning gear... got a dart in your neck! - Old Sckool
That looks like it hurts, but thats a awesome lure!! Martin Panther. the best out there[up]....but that sucks tho, hope you atleast caught one!!!
how many hooks were in ?
just 2 but 1 was in really deep
Ah... just like the good old days... imb21 and hookedonfishin .... LOL

That happened to me one time. Me and my friend were

on his little jon boat he is throwing a 6 in. rapala

trys to do a bomb cast the hook scrapes my face and

takes my sunglasses off. that was propobly the

scaryest and most expensive fishing trips, hooks in

my cheek and Oakleys at the bottom of the lake

Moral-always were sunglassees while fishing
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Oh, does this bring back memories............

In the summer of 1969, we were vacationing at Lake Sunapee, NH. My father was watching my brother and I fish the little stream that empties out of Lake Sunapee one morning where we were catching copious quantities of brookies and smallmouths on spinners. It seems we couldn't get our lures in the water fast enough the fishing was so good. On one particular cast my brother made he hooked the back of my head with two of the treble hooks of his #2 C.P. Swing. When I howled in pain, he took one look at me and dropped his rod in the water off this embankment where were fishing......with my head still affixed to the line and rod now under water downstream.

My dad first cut the line, then leaped down this embankment in one dash into the water to retrieve the rod (of course!). Then it was a mad dash to find a hospital to remove this thing that was firmly embedded in the back of my noggin.

After sitting in the emergency room with various dogbite and sunburned vacationers, it came my turn and I received a local and a tetanus shot and the doctor clipped the hooks out of my head. When we got back to the car in the parking lot, the first words out of my brother's mouth were; "Where's my lure? That was my favorite spinner!"

I hope he reads this. [hihi]
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