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catfish's bass report 4-27 (pix)

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had plans for a morning trip today but I got called into work early ,I called scrubby and we planned to meet up after 3 some time at the boat .we both ot there the same time only to find the clams died ,so I sent him off to find us fresh ones while I got the boat ready ,he got back in record time and we went off to the fishing grounds ,we were quick into fish but all small rats ,I put the first 30 incher in the box and then continued to hit rats ,scrubby like always didnt pick up his phone while fishing and ms22 was calling and I grabed the phone to say hello to mike when I got smashed and lost a keeper ,we picked thru slack until the turn then it was game on ,we had solid action w/ just short bass until majic hour when we limmited out fast ,we were gonna do our bonus tag but someone hooked into a mnster bass and fought it for 20 minutes in the hard current only to get it to the boat to find it was a 27 incher snagged in the belly .great trip ,went thru a bushel in 3 hours and limmited out ,what more can you ask for .
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nice charlie[up]
just getting warmed up for our trip :D
just getting warmed up for our trip
have a 40lber ready for me would ya:D
Awesome! Way to stay on them.
Thanks for the report.
have a 40lber ready for me would ya
I hope you win this one for us ,by the time you get up here I hope to have the big girls locked in ,We cant find them yet ,I am gonna do some searching this week
I hope to have the big girls locked in ,We cant find them yet ,I am gonna do some searching this week
I have faith in you[cool]
great day.... its official i am followin you around the bay:D
Now if Scrubby would stop fishing for stripers with a trout rod you could have winched in that belly hooked 27 incher and got on with the program....Was bobble calling to say that he had dinner ready? :D
Nice report! Great night to be on the water doesn't get much better in April. If your out there this week I should be out there Weds,Thurs,Sat & Sun give me a shout.
Ed I am running fri sat sun this week.
Looks and sounds great Charlie[up]
Lol really, who foul hooks a striper besides me??[hihi] Thanks Charlie, as usual it was an awesome time..[up]
We thought he had a big girl on , she made some great runs and was giving big boils on top. It was dark enough that you couldn't tell she was snagged. You should have seen the look on scrubbys face when he found out. Lol , pricless I tell ya.
1 - 20 of 42 Posts
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