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Spring is in full swing and that means members of the sunfish family
most notably largemouth and smallmouth b [no swearing please] are approaching the spawning

A catch and release season is in place during the spawning period to
protect spawning b [no swearing please] and to ensure spawning success. It also
distributes the catch and harvest of large bass, which are very
vulnerable during the spawning period, through the entire fishing
season. During the catch and release season all b [no swearing please] must be immediately
returned to the water unharmed. This will allow a nesting b [no swearing please] to
rapidly return to the nest to spawn or protect the eggs and young bass.

A previous message listed the largemouth and smallmouth b [no swearing please] catch and
release season for the Delaware River only which is April 16 through
June 10. The catch and release season for largemouth and smallmouth bass
for all waters except for the Delaware River is April 15 through June
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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