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Cass Sunstein?

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President Obama is poised to appoint another Czar to head the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA). Obama’s choice for this powerful regulatory position is Cass Sunstein, a vocal anti-hunter and animal rights zealot.

We all need to be extremely concerned with this appointment as Sunstein will have extensive authority to block rules, including those that protect hunting and conservation.

Sunstein has claimed that, “we might ban hunting altogether, at least if it’s sole purpose is human recreation.”

He also supports allowing lawsuits on behalf of animals, a right currently only extended to human beings.[wallmad]
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Never have we seen an Administration so clearly anti-American. So many left wing zealots poised to wreak havoc on our way of life. Is anyone paying attention? These people make the Clinton administration look conservative.
These people make the Clinton administration look conservative.
[rofl][rofl][rofl]That's funny-and true

The problem they have currently, is that not all "Democrats" are left wing Zealots., Many are far more conservative than you think. Just look at the healthcare issue-the Dems have more than enough votes to even pass a single payor government run system just like they have in Europe, without one single republican even participating-yet they can't even reach a consensus on whether there should be any government involvement at all-let alone a single payor system. Many dem's have spoken publicly that they will not support a government option rejecting the proposals of their own party leadership-thank God they have a backbone!!

The dem's never agree on anything-the party is too skewed accross the political spectrum to reach uniformity-There are actually 3 separate branches of the DNC, and they rarely if ever agree on anything.
Whats next are we ready for a revolution yet?:p

Its certainly coming it's on the horizon.[smirk]
Sunstien will be in a position to regulate grazing land for cattle and dairy farming. His goal is to put cattle ranching out of business Forcing the country to become vegetarians.

Ultimately he will want to put an end to hunting. I said it before and I will say it again, where are OUR lobbying groups on this namely the NRA, NJOA, ANJRPC, SFFC,UBNJ et. al. It is very improtant to get this guy out, as we did with Van Jones, if we want to maintain our way of life.

The problem they have currently, is that not all "Democrats" are left wing Zealots
Maybe so,but the all vote the party line unles we the people force them to do otherwise as we did with the health care town hall meetings.
i m just trying to figure out when there going to deal with problems in this country before there even concerned about hunting. ban hunting and that will just kill the economy more these people are idots thats why i hate politics but when hunting at stake im in to politics. cant these people get over them selves and eat there veggies
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