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This morning took my truck to get washed, as the guys were drying it off and lady was standing waiting for her car, she saw the MOSSY OAK seat covers in my truck, and the sticker on the back window which is a bowhunter in a treestand drawing his bow on a deer, and above that is the word BOWHUNTER. She looked at me with a dirty look on her face and replied to me HUNTING IS SO GROSS, then the owner of the car wash came out and said to me GOODMORNING OFFICER, thats when her mouth dropped, look on her face was PRICELESS.....I wanted to say, HUNTING IS GROSS? HAVE YOU LOOKED IN A MIRROR YOU OLD HAG?

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That same lady will go out to dinner tonight and order a steak...If people knew how cows were treated in the butchering plants they would beg us to shoot deer in fair chase conditions!! Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but some people have tunnel vision and think they have all the answers. :)
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