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C Week Turkey

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Anyone out there hunting C Week?

I was out today,overslept a little so I didn't get out right at sun up. The birds were very quiet and I didn't hear any shots either. I think that they are getting all henned up...We'll see tomorrow
1 - 5 of 12 Posts I know who you are, I thought you were getting out this week, Oh Nm...I forgot...The wife;)
want to get together this Saturday? Maybe we can get you a shot at a bird,I'll take you down farther, I know that there are birds down there I saw a nice tom in the lower field. We can try to put them to bed on Friday night,but the birds have been real quiet lately. Let me know
ok Np....but don't worry about just coming out for a couple of hours,it's tough hunting right now,you have to practically get them right off the roost,If you can't make it Friday night I'll just go down and see if I can get the talking in bed.
I'm convinced...Turkey hunting just plain sucks. I have to start taking a camera with me though, I had a male cardinal and a Baltimore oriole sitting on a dead branch together about 3 yards away from me. The tweety birds were very vocal today,I can't tell you how many differant birds I heard.
1 - 5 of 12 Posts
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