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Browning Travel Vault Gun Case- Pelican

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Browning Travel Vault Gun Case by Pelican.Brand new never used,hold 2 scoped rifles.
Has O ring waterproof seal and purge valve,wheels also.Super tough,airline approved case.In fact,
this case is often used by US Military Special Forces and law enforcement agencies.This case was $250 in Cabela's.Sorry,Will not GIVE it away but will take $150 for it.Had it for a couple years and never used it(I use my SKB)I'm in the directory here if anybody is interested.Thanks.
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I have owned the same case for a few years. These are excelent cases for anyone who plans to travel. The price is right as well. In most circumstances if you can find this cases used, the foam would have already been cut.
In an as new condition this is a real steal for anyone who has a good use for it.....JC

Here is a pic of mine for reference..
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1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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