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13 Muzzy 100grain 3 blades (all with blades) havnt looked, but im pretty sure the blades are mostly new... maybe a few shot but you can always get replacement blades for cheaper than buying the whole thing..
all 13 for $30

then there are 2 Muzzy 100 grain MX-3s brand new, never shot.
$10 for both

then there are 2 G5 Tekan 100 grain expandables
$10 for both

2 2blade cut on contact with expandables from crimson talon company...
$10 for both

take the whole shebang for $45

(there is a G5 Striker and a 4blade cut on contact blade shown which im keeping..)
and there are 3 spitfires, need blades, with heads ground down for turkey hunting which ill throw in to anyone who would want them..

pick up in Clifton only.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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