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brand new 10/22 stock for sale

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I have a brand new 10/22 wooden stock complete with the barrel band left over from a project that is just collecting dust. *This is a stock only- Not a gun*It is in excellent condition. I bought the gun and then immediately changed out the stock for a different one that I wanted to use. Great chance to replace your beat up old 10/22 stock cheap.
$40 picked up at RSTP preferred, or Morris county.
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Just got a pm from somewhere here who thinks that my price is a little high. I paid over $270 with tax and nics for this gun at heritage. The stock came off the gun as soon as I came home and was never used. It has been packed away since and is in mint cond. I thought $40 was a fair price since I saw one used about a year ago going for $35.
I am willing to entertain any fair offers. Picked up only though.
The only thing worth anything on those guns is the receiver. i just sold a trigger assembly, stock, and barrel for $70 on here i paid 240 for the gun and the recievers by themselves go for about $160 so i thought that was fair.
What's the stock worth? Does anyone want it for $25 picked up?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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